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American car buyers buy billions of dollars a year for car loans, and the average new car loans has reached $ 30,958 in 2018. That’s a lot of money to repay, so it’s extremely important to find a loan that you have tailored to your needs.


When we tried to find the best car loans, we analyzed interest rates, processing times, corporate ratings, and other factors to make the best deals. Then we chose the choice in two categories to help find the lender who is in the position.


While looking for the best car loans, we sought extensive credit, quick approval, solid customer service, resources and competitive interest rates. The list was divided into two categories: the best online auto loan service and the best performing banks.


Best Online Auto Loan Services


American bank

Bank of America offers all kinds of automatic lending, including car loans to cars and leasing buyers. The bank currently offers a 3.39% interest rate on a new car (4.09% for a used car and 4.49% for a refinancing on November 27, 2018).



There are plenty of branches for everyone who wants to go face to face.

It allows loans for greater mileage and older vehicles.



It does not provide funding to buy independent dealers.

No online prior approval.




LightStream, one of the arms of SunTrust Bank, is an indispensable choice for high quality customers. Prices start at 3.34% (on November 27, 2018), 24-36 months between $ 10,000 and $ 24,999.


Depending on your credit, LightStream offers secure and unsecured loans. Offer to other lenders (criteria) and provide a $ 100 guarantee to dissatisfied customers.



It is a great choice for those who offer excellent credit.

Quick conversion and conversion.



Smaller lending mistakes can exclude you.

It is not ideal for those looking for bricks and mortars.



OneMain Financial is a stable, trusted creditor providing more than 10 million customers. Online respondents and polite services are listed on many personal accounts and are generally less suitable for lending. However, their rate is not as competitive as the other lists.



Individual customer service.

A + rating from the Better Business Bureau.



It’s difficult to refinance your original credentials when you receive it.

The lowest prices are not as competitive as other lenders.


Now that you know the best places to look for a car loan, talk about the more general strategies you can take in order to choose the cheapest car loan – wherever you can choose.


Get it before you start the trader

We never assume that the trader offers the best price, especially if the loan is not perfect. Compare interest rates from external sources (including banks, credit unions and online auto loans) and get the best credit before contacting the distributor. This does not mean that you can not afford to fund a trader when you do a lot of things – just do not have to worry.


The trader must encourage the applicant to finance car loans that have higher or less favorable conditions than the lender’s loan. Be sure to check your credit union to find out how many interest and terms you can choose before contacting the merchant.

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