How Do I Get My Annual Credit Report?

The borrowing rate is one of the most important financial figures. If you get good results, you’ll see almost every credit card (including huge new customer bonuses) and low credit.


If your number is bad, you may be in trouble and try something similar to your mobile phone. If you do not know what your score is, think about it, especially if you buy a lot of money in the near future (<5 years).


Ten years ago when I started blogging about personal finances, free credit rating services were rare. Most people are related to an experiment that had to be removed. Nowadays, the number of legally free but non-testing companies has a credit rating.


First, there were companies like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame that offered a free VantageScore credit point because they were looking for money with credit card offers and credit refinancing offers. Finally, credit card companies recognized that it would be a good idea to offer their members to differentiate themselves.


If you want to get it, you will never have to pay. Just select one of the following lists:


  • No credit card service
  • This list includes services that are not linked to a credit card company:
  • Credit Sesame – VantageScore for TransUnion data, some useful tools.
  • Credit Karma – You get two credit points, both VantageScore 3.0 and TransUnion-based data, and one based on Equifax. (Experian Data, FICO Score 8 Scoring Model) – Do you remember these ads years ago? He is currently a member of Experian and gets score and experimental reports and warnings every 30 days. You do not have to enter a credit card to register.

Quizzle – Quizzle is owned by Bankrate VantageScore based on Transstream. – VantageScore is updated with Experian data every 14 days. / Li> – Intuit is owned by VantageScore using the Equifax data.


These two services are linked to a credit card, but accessible to everyone:


CreditWise from Capital One (TransUnion Data, TransUnion VantageScore┬« 3.0) – CreditWise was previously a Credit Tracker and you do not need to use Capital One, but if you have an account, you will leave the registration form and get direct access. CreditWise 7 regularly monitors the data when the data is delivered.

CreditWise has some really nice features that are not offered in other locations. The most interesting is the Credit Simulator, which simulates what happens to your score when you made things like debt, 6 months, 12 months, and so on.


For example, the VantageScore 814 and 2 years, 814 points. This means that VantageScore’s daily payout history was as good as it was.


More interesting simulation results:


  • If you increase your card to $ 5,000, VantageScore will increase by 3 points.
  • If I open a new credit card with a $ 5000 limit, the score drops to 4 points.
  • Deleting the oldest credit card will pay 3 points.
  • If I allow my account to crash for 30 days … It will pay you 274 points!


One of the drawbacks of the CapitalOne tool is that it uses VantageScore, which is not “official” enough, although many such simulation lessons can be passed (this is just a skill question).


It’s fun to play if you’re a nerd like me.

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