Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve worth booking?

It has long since Chase released its travels: Chase Sapphire Reserve. By the name of long-term providers, the card open for more than 100,000 dollars. Since it is released, there are changes to the card, with 50,000 discounted prices, printed on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, and a change in the next year. Because many people have arrived, or going to one year and paying the second fee, it’s time to make the difference.


Summary of Benefits of Chase Sapphire Reserve


  • 50,000 Legal basis
  • $ 300 Percent of One Year
  • $ 100 Worldwide / TSA Frontier Payment
  • Community Neighborhood
  • Purchase Protection
  • Caum Concierge
  • 3% back from travel / area


50,000 Point Sign-up Bonus

Chase Sapphire Reserve Bills, 100,000 dollars back to your credit card. When it is lower than the interest rate, repayment costs, the value of 1 hour at the rate means $ 1,000.


Now it is 50,000 at the end of the gift. Of course, this is good for $ 500 money you put into your account. The relevance of the UR content, however, is related to other times and at home.


If you use Chase Ultimate Reasons (UR) words for Chase’s own name to book, remove, hotel, car, or boat, you get 50% plus the point value. This means that all companies benefits of Chase Sapphire Reserve from a 1.5x multiplier. For example, the value of 50,000 points from $ 500, up to $ 750 (500 × 1.5). If you have prepared a book in a special place, you will be referred to your portal portal rather than paid.


If you use another Chase UR program such as Freedom Unlimited, Ink Cash, or Ink Preferred cards, you can change the content of your Chase Sapphire Reserve account to your account and publish it fast. For example, the 5x you received from Chase Freedom would cost 6.5% of the money back from the Chase Sapphire Reserve portal.


Even though you do not have the second second in the second year, if you have UR ​​that you want, it will not be a bad idea to hold 1.5 x.


3x Details / Travel

This is an important part of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and why I intend to keep my card for the second year. I spent a year in the restaurant and parking lot, and 3% returned to my stuff. For example, if you spend at least $ 5,000 a year in a dining room, you will receive up to 15,000 UR content, or $ 150 reimbursement. In addition to the value of $ 300 per year, you can break $ 450 per month. This is one of my major credit card and I never leave home without him.


If you want to make 3 parts of this, pay the price for you when you go out to dinner with friends, then pay them back.


In fact, you need to monitor your personal account every year and view your account.


$ 300 Percent of One Year

The $ 300 Peripheral Worldwide is the most of the travel of the credit card. The $ 300 limit applies to flights, vacation, airbnBs, taxis, Ubers, parking, and other travel arrangements. For those who sign up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve before May 21st, May 2017, they can walk every year. This means that you get a new $ 300 each January 1. For people who sign up before May 21st, the first 12 months will receive two payments, up to $ 600.


In May 21, last year, the difference would be $ 300 per year, or the date of your application. Although this does not interfere with the time, if your year ends and you do not want to use the card again, think of canceling this card.

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