United Credit Card

Cardholders who do not specifically seek membership in the United Club have multiple reward cards and receive more discounts and much lower annual fees than the United Credit Card. This offer is no longer available on our website.


If your main goal is to enter United Club locations – and the Star Alliance social forums anywhere in the world – consider the United MileagePlus Club card. But if you want a large amount of tickets or book collections, you probably want to pass the United MileagePlus Club card and go directly to a general travel credit card that gives you more rewards and more flexibility when you redeem it.


United Credit Card, for example, includes $ 1.5 billion for the one dollar spent, then doubling these miles at the end of the first year; In addition, you can only fly from certain airlines or through the card issuing portal.


United Club membership, including access to Star Alliance associated lounges (authorized authorized users), first and second checked bags for you and your partner, priority check, priority security check, boarding and baggage handling privileges, upcoming booking fees, Hyatt Discoverist status , Visa concierge, Chase luxury hotel and resort collection, Visa Signature luxury hotel collection, exclusive events (famous meetings and greetings, private culinary and sporting events etc.), foreign transaction fees, car rental at the same time, late insurance packages, lost packages, extended warranty, EMV chip technology.


Reward the redemption



  • No power cut time
  • There are no limits to the miles you have collected
  • It can be used as miles for car rentals, hotel stays, commodities, donations or annual fees
  • Good payout levels in North and Central America and the Caribbean
  • Open jaw, one-way and round-trip tickets are allowed
  • Spend a free excursion with Excursionist Perk (with restrictions)
  • There is no fuel surcharge for United flights or other partner airlines




  • Saver Awards are capacity-driven
  • Most flights have a daily fee, but they are very expensive
  • During the 21 days it is $ 75
  • Charges for prizes


Average rewards

United Credit Card sold United Airfare twice and $ 1.5 / $ 1 everywhere. But if we take into account the annual fee and the approx. The costly card is spent every year at 1.5 cents: $ 1.325 per month means that the average annual distribution of the card is $ 31.97 negative. That’s right – typical poets are probably red.


Hefty annual fee

The annual fee of the United MileagePlus Club card is not for the weaker heart. $ 450 for Chase Sapphire Reserve, but Starship Bonus is a $ 300 annual travel loan and a triple point for travel and dining expenses.


There is an easy way to offset the annual fee, but this depends on the membership status of the United Club. Each year, you pay $ 450 for the United Club – though most flyers pay $ 550 – you have to pay for your credit card and enjoy the enhanced prospects (later). So, if you need the Star Alliance membership for United Airport Lounge and Club, the card will use several United Club memberships.

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