Why Credit Score is Matter

Do you know where your credit score is recorded? Is it good, bad, or excellent? Or, do you have 850? Credit score depends on strength, loss of money, and you determine debt and credit card.


You can also benefit from driving costs, if you want to send the price to change the equipment, if you want to pay for a job.


Do you know that the only marketing options can be $ 199 per month per day? What is the trade and language weighing millions in the hour at the end? Most Americans can not buy $ 199 a month.

Are you surprised? You’re not. After all, buying a car is a symbol.


Who is the winner for $ 199 a month? Why do you get that job? The two answers are old: Have a lot to do.


Why not want to get a credit card? It is impossible. Take the time to learn about topics and activities.


What is the credit score?

If you have paid a debt or mortgage, you have a debt agreement. Your age, for about 300 and 850, indicates that you will be paid for the service or for the payment.


Your credit score is a copy of the time, and you can decide (or not) the clock for the exact time you requested.


To better consider, determine the credit balances and tickets on the board. The collection on the credit card is what the teacher will set at the end of the order.


Not the first, until the last week. The teacher in this area is the Fair Isaac Co. or FICO Business.


FICO Business has created unique models to define your unique design. I do not know how much your credit card debt is, and I do not know how much money you know for FICO employees. FICO provides unlimited statistics – statistics for statistics:


  • Age
  • Race, color, worship, origin of humanity, gender and authority
  • Work history, including pay and work
  • Where you live
  • Support for whānau and child
  • Credit Debt
  • Business interviews, employers, interviews for business promotion (for example, accepted courses).


What is in Credit Card?

FICO will gather information from three major agencies: Experien, TransUnion, and Equifax. Companies collect information from your affiliate business and plan data into five categories:


  • Product Results
  • The Money You Have
  • Use Book Form
  • New Testament and Credit Unions


History is a major issue, with 35% of your age. Mortgage, final payment, collections, and cash in this section. Better thinking about new behavior – paying your credit card over the next two years at the expense of the last five years.


The Money You Have

Money You will be well prepared to prepare your comment, to pay for 30 percent. The name of this section is less enjoyable in the form of fashion. This is the case: $ 30,000 to $ 25,000 per year and $ 400,000 for professional work at $ 250,000 a year.

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